Thursday, August 26, 2010

August at The Pottery

It’s been a while since I updated the Blog and the reason is we are incredibly busy so there has been no time to do it – I know it sounds pathetic - but that’s life! In a small business you only have the same number of hours in the day that a larger business has - but there are far more people to do a job in a larger business!
We have been busy over the last few months making Teapots for Russia, US, Canada and Europe so you can imagine we have had our heads down working away! The Summer has come - and now seems to have gone with the coming of the wind and rain. It was glorious in June and July and we found it particularly hard work working in a hot environment with Kilns cooling down every day.
The visiting tourists have been happy to see how we make and paint Teapots (production is only during the week) – and we have kept people amused with the Teapots they have bought for friends and loved ones back home. "A little piece of England"!
With the coming of the last Bank Holiday in England of the year, we are expecting lots of Visitors (especially when it rains!). There is a "Paint your Own" pot for all ages to do (please book in so you aren’t disappointed!). The Tearoom is here for our customers to enjoy a lovely cup of tea from one of our own Teapots, with a delicious homemade spongecake or homemade scone made by our own staff Carol and Anne! Come and see us anytime you are in Suffolk!


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