Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our "Indian Summer" in England!

well it's a glorious day here in Suffolk England today and we are enjoying an "Indian Summer"! The temperatures are soaring in the early 20's and the Summer seems to be going on forever - which we know it won't but, whilst it's here, we will enjoy it!

We at Carters Ceramic Designs have been frantically making Teapots for orders to send all over the world and can't make them quick enough for some people!! Patience is a virtue - and everyone that knows us understands that we carefully make lovely Teapots and this takes time! I have said before that it takes a week to make a Teapot from Clay to end firing, and every piece is made by hand.

We have some new Teapots which will be on the website soon - so watch out for those. Also our Open Day this year is on Saturday 5th December so watch the website for details nearer that date.

Don't forget that Christmas is coming up fast - we are now at the end of September - and you should start thinking about your nearest and dearest's special gifts of our lovely unusual, quinessentially English Teapots!


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