Thursday, August 27, 2009

Testimonials from customers!

We at Carters Ceramic Designs pride ourselves on our service and it's nice to "blow our own Trumpet" now and again! I have had some emails recently from happy customers and thought I should feature some of them on the website.

"I received the teapot yesterday and it looks really good, I will be giving it to my sister for a birthday present at the weekend and I think she will be delighted. Many thanks for despatching it so quickly. Regards Neal "

"Hello Anita You beat me to it. Yes the other arrived on Saturday. The pots are great. Thank you for giving such great customer service!! Hope you had a great week off.
Best Tricia"

I know all too well that we are not perfect but we certainly get more happy customers than unhappy ones!
If you are wanting to purchase a Teapot online please contact me and I will personally attend to your order!


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