Monday, August 24, 2009

Glorious weather in Suffolk!

This weekend is Bank Holiday (the last one before Christmas!) and everyone will be out enjoying the "end" of the Summer! We are expecting lots of visitors as this year has been a very busy one for people coming to Suffolk, and in particular, to us at the Teapot Pottery! We have been seeing large numbers of families coming in to paint a pot and also to watch the Teapot making and painting that they can see from our shop counter., and lots of Teapots being sold to happy customers!

We have also been making Teapots for the Queen Mary and Harrods, and this shows that the foreign market is thriving with good sales abroad as more and more people want British products.

Come and visit us if you can in Suffolk - you will love the countryside and especially what the Teapot Pottery has to offer!


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